A few hours after New York Governor Andrew

A few hours after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed legislation that will make heavy fines to customers for Airbnb who violate the law stayed in the company Airbnb has filed a lawsuit, saying the new law will make it ‘ losses that can not go back.

The growing legal battle heating up in New York City after the Airbnb has filed a lawsuit against the new law on its native land, San Francisco and Santa Monica in California California is working fine the company is on the list of illegal hiring Act.

Companies working in the gray areas around the world, is also fighting Anxiously Engaged in Amsterdam and Barcelona in Spain the country has a legal penalty customer who posted a list of rental properties are illegal, and in Berlin, stopped every rental property short period.

A new law in New York allows consumer rights authorities fined up to US $ 7 500 if found to have posted Properties for rent on the website or agent like Airbnb.

New York City is a major step that we hope will create a standard for the whole country and other countries are experiencing the impact of the low-rent property’s Airbnb. According to the National Assembly, Ms. Linda B. Rosentha D-Manhattan that lies behind the new law.

Airbnb, which earned more than before to 3 times the $ 30 billion in just 2 years, has been protesting strongly opposed to any laws that may affect its clients that are on this website. The company can not expand without increasing number of customers and revenue growth from leasing otherwise will go down as many cities around the world, moving customers to accommodation main road rather than on this website.

The law of New York City is a law that makes most worried Airbnb. New York is a big market of the company on the territory of the United States. Just revenues from customers in the city amounted to $ 1 billion last year and the company has also cut the amount of fee also.

In its complaint, which was put out on Friday afternoon in US courts in the area south of the city of New York Airbnb revealed that the law violated the constitution of the company in the area of ​​free speech, as well as the protection they get from the Communications Decency Act, the law stipulates that the website has no responsibility for information and data that are posted by users.

The new law will make a serious impact and loss of no return on this point Airbnb it has put in the claim. To ensure that Airbnb does not involve responsibility, including criminal cases, Airbnb to save the rental list and monitor each customer’s hosting before officially posted.

The complaint is opposed to Eric T. Schneiderman, the state attorney and mayor of the city, Bill de Blasio, and New York City.

building-768815_960_720Lawgiver, New York City officials, including Senator Liz Krueger, a major legal Airbnb said it was well aware about the Communications Decency Act when the new law, and this is why it works fine on customers who do Hosted Rental illegal and the fine Airbnb.

Rich Azzopardi, a spokesman for Cuomo, said: ‘This is an issue that we’ve been through and carefully consider but suppose that in fact, this action is illegal already.

Mr. Schneiderman added: 2 can not compete much, so it depends whether the company wants to send illegal activities on their own or want the government to protect the people living in New York.

Austin Finan, a spokesman for de Blasio said: ‘We will use this law as other laws to arrest criminals and individuals involved to.

Legal experts and lawyers of affordable housing around the world are concerned that Airbnb’re making hiring our apartments for illegal short-term visitors who make a full-time residential street lost customers and Housing prices to rise even higher.

Mr Azzopardi said that hiring illegal to make easy and rents rooms open to be rented It became a hotel with no control.

Airbnb has tried a few times in recent months to convince Cuomo opposed to legislation that could affect the party members Democratic and Republican members of the low-cost housing lawyer. The company also spent on a study to show that voters are supporting Airbnb and its investment until the Super PAC money to $ 11 million on advertising that interpretation about your stance on a short-term lease.