Professor explained that until the moment most

In the same book at page 36 states that: [.. King Samdech Norodom Sihanouk gave the role to Molyvann charge Designed to be the Royal University of Fine Arts from No. 226.. Dated 18 January 1965].

Chan added: ‘What is notable is that in 1965 the Royal University College of Fine Arts major five to provide higher education to tribal kolbot Khmer level equal mouth with advanced countries in the world in that decade.

He said the university, 1 College of Visual Arts (painting, sculpture, foundry, lacquer, and decorations …), 2 colleges choreographer (dance, theater, and other performing arts …), 3. Faculty of music (music), 4. classic college science (research and conservation of cultural heritage, etc.), and 5- Faculty of Architecture and Urban Institute (design, construction, and city).

Um Bunthoeur, currently a professor at a private university and an official of the School of Fine Arts in Phnom Penh. He is also a former student of the Royal University of Fine Arts since 1973 began.

Professor explained that until the moment most of the buildings of the Royal University of Fine Arts is the old buildings left that it was from the beginning, almost all repair and also maintaining its original features.

For the main building, built in the construction phase, the first time in school building design stage (Royal University Fine Arts), the main building has four large, the largest building in the center of the current college for archeology . With an open hollow shield (U-shaped), while the other buildings surrounding fence tune. According to his words Bunthein. When school was placed into universities have a number of additional new building, including building the new one in the west to close the U-heal it. This modern new building for the College of Architecture and Urban once. He explained that another important building width located in the western part. But south of the compound also has a good building block for a number of other groups studying at the College of Visual Arts there.

Bunthein said: ‘For me, as well as others, U-shaped building in the center of the compound is very interesting and remember the most. The building is oriented to the east, behind the National Museum, which is part of the structure of the school in the early design to come.

imagesU building was built by default factory roof (hut) wide section of the roof used Architecture phtaong one hundred, and the doors and windows were also highlighted by carvings ten.Mlaoh comes from the work of the group the Craftsman famous all. According to the words of Professor Bunthein.

Similarly, Chan also expressed interest in building large (U) at the center, he said: ‘current building this has been repaired or edit the profile by adding 1 the ground floor only.

70-year-old man (Kao), a former student and teacher at the school has expressed perception as to what is described in the book of history that he recalled the ancient design every school is a part of the structure his palace. This school serves as a workshop for the manufacture of many kinds of material used to supply the palace. Meanwhile, Miller (School of Design), the palace is also often associated with the museum because the museum plays the cache maintains treasure or legacy for many generations.

He said: ‘Traditionally the ancient Khmer King’s position in the royal palace or temple nearby they always saw the factory warehouse and stable (factory elephants and horses) nearby, and all that is very necessary qualifications Written by King or the royal family always showed attention and requires a nearby residence.

It should be noted that in recent years, the surprise occurred amongst the general masses in the country after the news that will be developed by the relocation is the Royal University of Fine Arts from the Pre classic goes off coasts Va side of the area, but so far the information is not there someone out to interpret the facts yet.